Mesmerizing Toy Train journey to Shimla

Long journeys in train are always a pleasure for most of us. How would it be if we travel in Kalka – Shimla Toy Train and passes through snowy Himalayan mountains, valleys and pine forests with beautiful picturesque landscapes?

It is simply a breathtaking journey and the memories will remain with us for lifelong. Yes, we are talking about the Queen of Hills, Shimla!

Start of Toy Train journey to Shimla


We had no time to spare after getting down from New Delhi – Kalka Shatabdi Express at Kalka Jn by 11.45 am. The excitement of journey starts right from the moment we enter the ‘Himalayan Queen’, the Kalka – Shimla Heritage Train or nicknamed Toy Train.

This Heritage Train route is a narrow guage railway line that connects Kalka to Shimla covering a distance of 96 km. The train passes through around 102 tunnels, 800 bridges and 900 curves to reach the Queen of Hills, Shimla.

The stations are small and simple with wooden benches and small platforms which reminds us of old Malgudi days!

kalka shimla toy train
kalka shimla toy train

Charming Shimla

The train moves at a slow pace in the entire journey, however, that does not affect our enjoyment in any manner. We have ample time to view and capture photographs of these exquisite locations of mesmerizing Shimla at various points.

During steep ascends and sharp curves, the train speed will be even slower. That gives us enough opportunity to hop out and click some beautiful and scenic pictures of Himalayan valleys.

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