About Me

Hey! I’m Joby from Kochi, India.

Welcome to Stepping Miles!
Glad that you have checked-in to my Travel Blog and am happy to share my travel experiences and explorations.
About my Travel History
Travelling has been a passion and inspiration for me since the mid-nineties. Discovering new terrains, meeting new people, acquainting with diverse cultures, be it across the states of India or abroad, always arouse interest and excited me.
As part of my professional engagements in corporate sector as well as holiday trips with my family, I have travelled to various beautiful locations across India and abroad.
I feel I have explored only a tiny part of this amazing planet. I have travelled through and visited 10 countries mainly in South East Asia, Middle East and Europe.
I have not travelled much, and always feel, still more miles to go, many more stepping miles.
Intent of Travel Blog
I would like to share in my travel blog Stepping Miles, my travel experience along diverse landscapes, meeting people of different cultures and tasting various cuisines across states of India and countries.
Travelling across various states and countries give us immense opportunities to experience the taste of multiple cuisines, which I enjoy very much.
I have a great love for photography from long back and have captured numerous pictures of different terrains of this beautiful nature and of people from diverse backgrounds.
It is indeed a pleasure to share my knowledge and experiences in travelling. I hope this would inspire many aspiring travelers to explore this wonderful world.
It is simply awesome to connect with you all through this blog and exchange our ideas and thoughts for better relations. Let’s build relationships and live our life and enjoy!